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Parents and Climate Change

The challenge of managing climate change is something like the challenge of managing a child who is getting into drugs or is at the early stages of addiction. We recognize a problem and certainly worry that it might get worse, possibly much worse, but we wonder what is the appropriate action to take now? Where will he end up? Is it really such a big deal? Will it all just resolve itself? Am I getting carried away and over reacting?

Our child is so precious to us, that if you knew the future and that future was him ending up in gangs, over dose or jail and homelessness down the road, what action would you take now? What extremes might you consider to avoid this terrible outcome? Would you even sacrifice your own life to prevent such a terrible future for your child? Most parents I know certainly would.

Climate matters so much that despite some uncertainty about the extent of future climate extremes, is it not prudent to act – seriously – now? We already have seen many tell-tale signs. What kind of parents are we to our climate gone wrong?